Social Programme

Visiting Ethnic Village Karanac in Baranja

“Baranja House” is a family ethnic restaurant located in Karanac – ethnic village in the heart of Baranja. The village is situated at the foothill of Baranja mountain near the famous vineyards and endless fields of Baranja. Within the restaurant, housed in an old house built in 1902, is a large rural garden – an antique shop with over 8.000 exhibits. The “Street of forgotten time” is interesting in particular. There are: patten workshop, the man who makes baskets, pottery workshop with an old pottery wheel, barrel and carpenter´s shop, icehouse in what used to be kept ice all summer, weaving workshop with an old Baranja costumes, barber shop, a pub “At the Wild Pigeon”, blacksmith´s house with complete old forge, blacksmith´s apartment situated in the house made of wood, mud and stubble, and an old mill.